Lee Star– The star of your kitchen is all geared up, prepared completely to swim in the ocean of kitchen appliances and make a space of its own, its own ground amongst all. This confidence comes from a heritage that we are carrying and a legacy that we earnestly desire to take forward. We have been in the business of kitchen appliances since 1981. We have spent years in understanding the household needs. We have seen the changing times and the changing requirements. We have made indigenous products that have been very successful in the market and have always strived to give our best offerings to our customers. Having said that- done that all – we realised there is something more we need to do, something more revolutionary, some new innovations, some new track altogether. Beyond all that we wished that we make appliances that are at par with the international brands, not only advanced and professional but affordable too!

We looked deep inside, researched and studied the market very closely for a decade so that we can make exceptionally great appliances for you. Trying diligently to make appliances that are high performance but less complicated, simple, quick and most importantly they do exactly what you expect them to do in the most efficient manner. The reason d’être (reason- to- be) for Lee Star lies in our ambitions and desires. We want to make kitchen appliances that are a real helping hand in your kitchen. Appliances that simplify your life and fit perfectly into your lives and on your kitchen shelf too!


We know your kitchen is a very vital part of your life. Whether you are a home-maker or a working woman, your kitchen is something you are particularly concerned about. You pay special attention to the products and appliances you use in the kitchen to prepare food for your family. And why not? It is very important in today’s time that your kitchen appliances are of the best quality and give you the best performance in lesser time. This saves you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen and hence, more time with family!

For this reason we pay special attention to details. Quality, Craftsmanship, State-of-the-art technology and Contemporary design are some traits that we hold very important while making appliances for you.

Presenting The All New Stainless Steel Range

The dazzling stainless steel design and high performance of our new countertop appliances make them an excellent new choice for your kitchen. How? These products are not just any kitchen appliances imported or outsourced from somewhere. They are made with a passion and a vision. The passion of making the most skillful kitchen appliances in the country and the vision of making it happen here in India.